We Offer Customization Of Your Products

We simply make the product and brand to your likening. Thus, allowing you to be creative and innovative as you see your vision come to life.

How Do We Customize Our Hemp To Suit Your Needs

  1. Fill out the partnership form.
  2. Next, a Shiznic Hemp Wholesale representative will contact you to create your plan of action.
  3. The action plan will get your hemp product to the production line.

Inventory Options And Minimum Orders

You supply: We get hemp products to you with your incredible wholesale pricing, and you store and deliver to your customers.

  • Minimums: 
  • Call for more specific pricing

We Fulfill: We label and ship your private products for you

  • Minimum: $10,000
  • $2 pick and pack fee per item
  • $8 for USPS first class shipping or $12 for priority
  • Warehouse fees will also apply. Contact your Shiznic Wholesale Hemp representative for pricing.

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