Wholesale Orders

Shiznic Hemp Wholesale is the top wholesale provider of 100% farmed hemp from seed to actual CBD oil.

This is a rapidly growing market, full of exciting profit margins and health benefits. We are open to any new ideas to establish new hemp products as we build a lasting relationship with each and everyone of our wholesalers.

Our products are produce in Denver, Colorado by some of the best farmers in the industry.

This ensures you are getting the best deal possible on the most popular products in the industry today.

  • Our Hemp oils are full-spectrum oils which are the most popular on the market, because of the remarkable benefits its having on an infinite amount of people in their lives and the demand for quality hemp.
  • The hemp industry has grown with the curiosity of the masses out there looking for natural ways to improve their health and wellness.
  • Shiznic Hemp products is backed by a third party testing, with every product having a certificate of analysis (C.O.A).
  • Our brand is ready for dropshipping different strengths and flavors.
  • We offer a wide range of marketing techniques and training to help your business become profitable in hemp industry


When you partner with us, you will be entering one of the fastest growing markets on the planet today. CBD oil and its benefits have surpassed the old ways of popping pills to cure ailments and the medical profession now have a safer and more natural way of helping people and family coping with the hard choices of  opioids or natural medicine.

We offer these products at a fraction of the price point, including vape oils, tinctures and isolated pure hemp 

We locally grow our products in Denver, Colorado area with some of the best farmers in the world, always improving our growing techniques and lab testing methods to deliver the most sought after CBD oil available.

When compared to other companies, we provide the lowest price for high returns and happy customers.

We offer dropshipping, wholesale orders and private labeling which makes us one of the top hemp wholesalers in the nation.

Required Info For Partnership?

  • State ID/Driver License
  • EIN Number
  • Reseller License (State Issued)

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